SYNTEC CNC Controllers

Milling   Controller

6 Series


-Provide many solutions for a milling controller
-Latest 6MD-H supports Yaskawa serial bus communication

6MD-H Support Serial Bus Communication

-Support high resolution axis motor
-Simple distribution
-Easily install
-Better performance
User-Friendly Interface

○ Standard            - Not Support          △ Optional



Milling   Controller

11 Series


– SPA and HPCC
– Good processing quality

User-Friendly Interface

-Administration authority
-Prevent from operation mistakes and protect the process confidentiality
-Use My Favorite for quicker access




Control Panel

   SYNTEC Milling 4012-M membrane panel dark gray   Model : ST4012M-DG

SYNTEC Milling 4012-M2 membrane panel dark gray   Model : ST4018M2-DG

SYNTEC Milling SK6 panel        Model : ST3025SK6M

 SYNTEC Milling SK4 dark gray        Model : ST3025K4MB


RIO Modul



RIO main module(Input / output terminal expansion) for 11MA,11MB     Model : RIO

RIO16O-T16 OUTPUT MODULE  for 11MA,11MB  Model : RIO16O-T16



I/O Terminal

External output terminal TB16 OUT-T16   Model : TB16OUT-T16

External output terminal TB16 OUT-R8T8   Model : TN16OUT-R8T8

External output terminal TB16 OUT-R8   Model : TB16OUT-R8

External output terminal TB16 OUT-ASW   Model : TB16OUT-ASW

External output terminal TB16 OUT-2DA   Model : TB16OUT-2DA

External output terminal TB16 OUT   Model : TB16OUT

External input terminal TB16 IN-PHO   Model : TB16IN-PHO

External input terminal TB16 IN-2AD   Model : TB16IN-2AD

External input terminal TB16 IN  Model : TB16IN


Wire Stock

 Yaskawa M2 standard communication cable

Main Feature :

 Yaskawa M2 standard communication cable 0.25M
Yaskawa M2 standard communication cable 0.5M
Yaskawa M2 standard communication cable 2.0M
Yaskawa M2 standard communication cable 3.5M
Yaskawa M2 standard communication cable 5.5M
Yaskawa M2 standard communication cable 8.0M


Servo production cable

Main Feature :

Servo production lines 2.5M 15Pin public companies _ _ unified wire color
Servo production lines 11M 15Pin public companies _ _ unified wire color

RIO expansion cable


 RIO Cable

Main Feature :

RIO Cable 0.6M
RIO Cable 3.5M
RIO Cable 5.5M
RIO Cable 9.0M

Mitsubishi J2 servo cable

Main Feature :

Mitsubishi J2 Servo Line 1.2M
Mitsubishi J2 Servo Line 3.5M
Mitsubishi J2 Servo Line 5.5M


 HK Cable

Main Feature :

HK Cable 1.8M 25pin Male/female
HK Cable 3.5M 25pin Male/female
HK Cable 5.5M 25pin Male/female Equipment Type
HK Cable 8.0M 25pin Male/female Equipment Type


20P-dual headed cable tie

Main Feature :

20P-head cable 0.6M
20P-head cable 1.8M
20P-head cable 3.5M
20P-head cable 5.5M
20P-head cable 8.0M